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Theo Croker released his excellent new album BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST via Sony Masterworks in September and today he’s back with a video from it for the song “Every Part Of Me” feat. Ari Lennox. Much of Croker’s album was informed by psilocybin meditations and astral travels so it’s no surprise to find Theo entering a hallucinogenic meditation as the video opens. What he finds on the other side is full of color, vibration, and dance. Croker notes: “’Every Part of Me’ is a song about embracing one’s identity beyond the categories pushed on us by society. To be whole and full and generate self-love. The video represents the parallel universe of our perceived world and the realm of our free spirit.” Watch here.

A contemporary oratorio and a “smoldering neo-jazz collection” according to The New York Times, the 13 tracks that make BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST are inspired by the forgotten hero’s journey towards self-actualization within the universal origins of blackness. It’s a sonic celebration of Afro-origin, and ultimately a reclamation of the culture, for the culture. Produced by Theo Croker the album features Wyclef Jean, Ari Lennox, Gary Bartz, Charlotte Dos Santos, Iman Omari, Malaya, and Kassa Overall. It’s release saw acclaim from The New York Times, WBGO, Clash, a Colbert performance and more. 

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