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The Piano Guys Release New Rendition of The Beatles Legendary Hit ‘Yesterday’

Inspired by the newly released musical fantasy film YesterdayTHE PIANO GUYS have added their own unique spin to film’s namesake, taking on The Beatles‘ iconic track “Yesterday.” Available everywhere now, “Yesterday” features the Fab Four’s instantly recognizable melody, newly arranged by The Piano Guys into a highly-original, reggae-tinged track that adds new meaning to the song’s legacy.

“This poignant, timeless Beatles melody has always been a favorite of ours,” say THE PIANO GUYS.  “With this arrangement, we attempted to portray the idea of someone breaking free of melancholy by fondly reminiscing about happier times.  The upbeat reggae vibe in the middle section presented an excellent excuse to try out our new melodica (a keyboard that is played by blowing air through a mouthpiece that fits into a hole in the side.)”