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New Video: 2Cellos “Celloverse” Takes The World By Storm!

2Cellos has just released their new video for “Celloverse”! Listen to the complete album on iTunes, Amazon Music (mp3), Amazon (CD), or Spotify. more >>

Pre-order Collabro’s new album Act Two to Download “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables Instantly

Collabro is back with their second album Act Two. Pre-order the album today on iTunes and instantly get a download of “I Dreamed a Dream” (From Les Miserables)! The album is also available on Amazon (CD) and Spotify. more >>

New Video: The Piano Guys’ “Jurassic Park Sonata” Out Now!

The Piano Guys do it again with their new video “Jurassic Park Sonata”. See the video below and get the song today on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music (mp3), and Spotify. more >>

New Peter Hollens Video “Song of Durin” from the Hobbit Out Now!

Peter Hollens is back with his new video “Songs of Durin” from  J.R.R. Tolkien’s movie The Hobbit. Watch the video below! The song is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify. more >>

Britain’s Got Talent Star Rebecca Ferguson’s New Album ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ Reinterprets Billie Holiday – Out Now!

The Britain’s Got Talent star Rebecca Ferguson‘s third album Lady Sings the Blues is a reinterpretation of the iconic album in celebration of Billie Holiday’s centenary year. The album is out now on iTunes, Amazon (CD, Mp3), Google Play and Spotify. Learn more ...more >>

Emily West “Bitter” Remix EP Out Now!

Emily West‘s new single “Bitter” gets a love to infinity remix. From disco to dance and all the steps that fall in between, listen to the new #EmilyWestBitter remixes below and download them today on iTunes, Amazon Music and Google ...more >>

Hiatus Kaiyote “Choose Your Weapon” Feat. on iTunes Hip Hop + R&B Hits Sale

Now through June 16th Hiatus Kaiyote’s new album Choose Your Weapon is $6.99 on iTunes. See all of the Hip-Hop and R&B titles here. more >>

Video Premiere: Emily West “Bitter” on Yahoo! Music

Yahoo! Music has just premiered Emily West‘s first video “Bitter” from her forthcoming album, All For You! Watch it here and share with us your feedback using the hashtag #EmilyWestBitter. Her new album All For You will be released on August 14th, but you can preorder ...more >>

Unlock Special Message from Hiatus Kaiyote

Get weird with Choose Your Weapon, the new multi-dimensional, polyrhythmic gangster shit from Hiatus Kaiyote! Enter to catch the spark with Hiatus Kaiyote and unlock a special message from Nai Palm below! Hiatus Kaiyote’s new album #ChooseYourWeapon is out now. iTunes | Amazon ...more >>

New Video: UK rocker Liam Bailey’s “Stun Me”

Vintage soul, blues and R&B runs through UK rocker Liam Bailey‘s new music video, “Stun Me.” His new album Definitely Now is out now in the US and available for preorder in the UK. iTunes | Amazon | Google Play | Spotify more >>

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