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Hear Trumpeter TILL BRÖNNER and Dieter Ilg Rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’

Some musical constellations are so obvious that the question arises why they hadn’t become reality long ago. And when they finally do see the light of day, they appear so familiar to us as if we’d known them for ages. One of these constellations is the duo formed by the Berlin trumpeter Till Brönner and the Freiburg bass player Dieter Ilg. They are, in the full sense, soul-mates, no matter how threadbare the term might sound. They often seek to do the very same thing on their antithetical instruments, even if they express it in quite different ways. As a result, they fit each other to a tee. This osmosis is now plain to hear on their joint début album, Nightfall. Read on here for the full press release.

Check out the first single from his new duo album ‘Nightfall’ with his good friend Dieter Ilg – a pared-down take on Leonard Cohen’s ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’ below. Preorder the album on iTunes or Amazon Music here to receive the song as an instant download.

Watch the new video below!